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07 April 2009 @ 04:21 pm
Jrock Downloads  
Some videos to share downloaded around 2002-2004. Credit to the now defunct jrock.fan-page for some of the videos downloaded. The rest was downloaded from winmx, kazaa and slsk. The good ol days.

X-Japan clip (Yoshiki playing the piano (shirtless)) - download
PV by Waive - Vanilla
Pv by Baroque - Cherry King
Baroque's Q&A session in Singapore - Download
Dir en grey - Obscure
D'espairsray Fan Photo Shoot (realmedia file) - Download
D'espairs Ray - Tokyo Chaos Special Message (got this from merumaru )
Dir en grey BBC Segment - download
Dir en grey - Kyo on Marilyn Manson
Dir en grey Live - 5 Ugly Kingdom Extra - Toshiya
Dir en grey - Mr. Newsman
Eldorado - Daydream (realmedia)
Baroque - Expect Rush
Gackt & Hyde in Taiwan - download
Hanamuke Video - Video 01, Video 02 and Video 03
Clip on Hide, J & Sugizo - download
Hide - Dice
Jils - Shoudou Impulse
Kagerou - Wristcutter
La'Mule - Sterilization
Miyavi Commerical for - Jingle Bell
Pierrot - Kowareteiku Kono Sekai De (my favourite song)
Laruku - Ready Steady Go (Pop Jam)
CM - Shula, Fatima, s to m & rondo (realmedia)
Sugizo & Glay - download
Dir en grey - 5 Ugly Kingdom (short clip)
Vogus Image - Chou no Shita
Hide Guitar Solo - download
Zy Magazine - Vogus Image, Mucc, Nightmare and etc
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