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06 April 2008 @ 10:33 pm
W E L C O M E ☆★☆ Y O K O S O  
You have stumbled upon ringotouso  . Our personal scan repository featuring people, bands and characters we like from our various fandoms XD. We are just 2 ordinary fan-girls with too many fandoms for their own good. In the event you like the same people, band and characters as we do, please feel free to join ringotouso . This personal community is manned by merumaru & azuzora.

Every scan contained on this site is scanned by us. If anyone would like to contribute their own scans please feel free to email either of us and we shall give you posting access. We would like to stress that we do not own the copyright to any of these scans and we are not affiliated with any publisher, musicians, artist, actor, recording company, entertainment company and its likes. We are just sharing scans of books and magazines that we have purchased.

Scan resolutions offered on this site is at a standard width size of 1000px and scanned at either 300dpi/400dpi (sometimes more). We will not do bigger resolutions because it takes to much time and its to big a file to be uploaded onto our servers.

Individual scans will be hosted on our servers and occasionally on imageshack. A batch .zip file will be provided on free hosting sites like mediafire, megaupload & fileupload. Occasionally we may put up media file that we like.  Recommendations to better image hosting site or file upload sites will be very much welcomed.

ringotouso : rules & requirement

1.  Do not share our scans on any website, blogs, lj, communities, forums, galleries without our prior consent.
2. Please do not attempt to hotlink.
3. Feel free to download, store and use the scans for your own personal use.
4. Just give credit back to http://community,livejournal.com/ringotouso (or any other url stated on the respective post)  if you use the scans.
5. Please do not request for any scans because this is not a requesting comm.

In order to join please have an active or semi active livejournal account with at least some friends. Thank you.

※ If anyone is found breaking the rules or being rude and insufferable, I will delete you off.
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